From the technical side of things, print ads are not much different. You use the same tools, programs, it still has the same three crucial parts – the headline, the sub headline and the design or layout of things. However, there are a few other issues. First, the main difference is that obviously, print ads are not clickable. Therefore, you can’t create a catchy headline and just write “check this out for more information”. But you also can’t write a novel on your ad containing everything you want your audience to know. You have to be careful and very selective with the words you put in on your ad.

Second thing closely related to the fact that with print ads we go offline, you have to think about your audience and your ad placement. Who and where will see you ad.

As far as the design, everything goes really. Depending of what sort of a reaction you are after, taking a template of something that has worked before and using it for your own ad could be a safe choice. Naturally, creativity with your print ads runs a risk of falling flat but also offers bigger rewards. If it’s really good, it can also feature in a variety of sources among the best ds of the month or the year.

I’ve personally started with print ads not so long ago, maybe around two years ago. To be honest, I’ve never had big plans of going offline. It just happened somehow. Someone contacted me about a banner ad for a show and they also asked whether I could do a print ad version of it. Of course, copying something from banner ad to a print ad was relatively easy so I said yes. After that, I did some research, practiced a little and started offering it as a service.

Maybe you need a print ad?

Whether you need a print ad or simply some advice concerning print ads, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to help in any way I can.