My Life Passions

My Life Passions

Hi, again. Today I want to talk about the importance of having a passion in your life for something. Anything, really. Maybe it’s sports, maybe it’s games, books, cars, DIY stuff or anything else. For me, the things I am passionate about lets me escape my everyday worries like stress at work, relationship problems, etc. So, make sure you have something you are passionate about. You can learn to play an instrument, learn programming or learn to shoot a crossbow. The sky is the limit. Here’s a few of my passions.

I was never a big adrenaline junkie until my 20th birthday when my friends bought me a skydiving course. I loved it and since, I’ve been craving for action. It could be racing cars, climbing, diving. Once I even flew a helicopter.

When I’m not outdoors, I’m probably deep in statistical analysis. I’ve always been a little geeky, so when it comes to crunching numbers, I’m all for it. I feel like statistics is the one thing you can trust in this life. Instead of taking cases one by one, statistics allows you to really see where the problems are.

I also like to play card games like poker or blackjack and gable in general. My recent interest is online slots. I know the odds are not in your favor in the long run, but for me it’s more about risk/reward ratio. If you can minimize the risk and maximize the potential reward, what’s not to like? I minimize my risk by using free spins. Although I didn’t have a great first experience because my free spins winnings had a huge wagering requirement, I found this little casino Slots Magic that made me stick to playing slots. As a new player I got 580 free spins that had no wagering requirement! If there was ever an amazing risk/reward ratio, Slots Magic definitely has it.

These are just a few of my passions. Now, you have to find yours because in the end of the day, a passionless life is pretty boring