Welcome to Honorable Mention. This is sort of a

‘thank you’

for everyone and everything that has been there for me whenever I needed. I will also include several websites as Honorable mentions, as they, or their creators were an inspiration for me for a very long time.

So, first and foremost, I say thank you to you all – my parents, teachers, friends and colleagues for being helpful and supportive, for motivating me to move forward when I was a little low on motivation.

I have to say, this was not easy. Making it online may seem to offer plenty of opportunities but to focus on your vision and follow through every day, for months and years… That’s the tough part. When I got my first idea for an online website, I was a complete newbie. And I’m not talking only SEO or marketing. I knew nothing about WordPress or hosting, and I didn’t even have any design skills. You could say it was a bit foolish to go online and start a blog about nothing. But my friend Mark Jones didn’t think so. I still remember his first piece of advice which sounded something in the lines of

Do it. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. But you’ll have the experience of starting a website that you don’t possess today. And who knows where it can lead you”.

Great advice. Thanks, Mark.

When I was the university, I was already into blogging online. But these were still small steps as I was not making any money from my websites. I tried or at least I thought I did give it all but nothing seemed to work. Then, one day in class we were having an open discussion on today’s society, working habits or something like that when I mentioned that lots of people try to find jobs online because it opens a whole new world for everyone. If you do your tasks well, you can have several projects, work whenever you want and would be a first-choice employee for a company that doesn’t have to pay insurance for you or your workspace. After that class, my professor wanted to know more about what I do online and suggested I try a design-related website. I could offer my services as a freelances, showcase my previous work and I wouldn’t even have to work additionally because I could post work I did in the university. Well, let’s just say it worked out well. Therefore, I want to thank professor Feinstein and mention that class that was a huge turning point in my career as an online freelancer.