7722618_origIn this portfolio I would like to introduce myself and some of my best work. My name is John and I’ve created Hidden Robot as a passion for all-things design from a simple banner (although, it’s never simple) to logos, wallpapers, covers and more. To be honest, I graduated in a completely different field but art and design has always been my passion therefore, I’ve never left it. Neither during my studies nor the few years I worked in marketing and retail. For three years now I’ve been working as a freelance designer collaborating with dozens of projects in a variety of spheres.

As I mentioned, in this portfolio I will post some of my work. I will probably not separate it too much, whether it’s banner, a logo or a wallpaper. After all, it is something I made, I like it and I want to show it to you.

For the time being I will create only one subcategory for this Portfolio. It is called A GO GO and it’s something I think you will like. I know that the name sounds strange but it is art I made for a couple of albums.