digital_banner_pack_black_version_by_picturesofpelicans-d4fn1maWherever you go online, whatever you do, you can’t escape ads and banners. They are everywhere. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s definitely something worth thinking about. As a business owner or an employee of a company, you have specific goals. Likely, you want your products and services get the most coverage which hopeful would lead to more signups and sales.
However, as a customer, as someone who uses internet daily you’re probably sick and tired of all the ads. Pop-pups, banners, you name it. There are everywhere. So, what do you do?
cocacola_ad_2_by_njoyurdreamsWell, your primary goal is to sell so you do it anyway. But the key to remember is that you have to do it with quality. Think about television or the Super Bowl. We all despise ads when they disrupt our favorite show. Yet, there are a few ads that we stay to watch just because they’re extremely good. Remember the Carlsberg ads? Or Coca-Cola?

I was debating whether to add this in the Logo section, but anyway here goes. For years I’ve been fascinated by the A Go Go style casumo-bonusbut from time to time I’d try to design something new. Recently I came across a interesting style of drawing. The short version is that a new online casino decided to focus on the fun part of playing and made their whole platform in a strange, but funny style, sort of a ‘fat anime’. I guess you may not want to go to the casino directly so I’ve found this Swedish Casumo Casino review where you can check out the style yourself. Would you like to see me work more on this type of style? Do you like it more than A Go Go?

In a way, on the net it’s much simpler. You don’t need a multi-million budget, filming crew, etc. But your options are also somewhat limited. Si what I focus on is designing quality ads and banners that look interesting and show exactly what my product or service is about.
Black_Banner_PNG_Clipart_PictureI’ve been a web designer for several years now, specializing in web pages, banners, ads, etc. Personally, I don’t like pop-up ads much because they seem to be quite invasive in comparison to banners that visitors choose to click themselves. Moreover, various external reports and tests performed by myself indicate that nowadays people have developed a reflex to close the pop-up as soon as it appears without looking what it advertises. Banners and ads, on the other hand, depending on the design and placing, have proved to be a high conversion source.
If you’re interested to know more about banners or would like one made for you, contact me. I’d be glad to help in any way I can.
Maybe you like my website and would be interested in advertising your websites, products or services through banners and ads on my site? If so, please contact me with your ideas. I have a loyal base of readers and a growing source of organic traffic from a wide range of niches related to music, movies, comics and more.
Also, please take a look at my other sites (in the Sites section under Web button in the Menu). You can also send me an enquiry about advertising on those websites that maybe will fit your niche better. Keep in mind that regarding the advertising, you don’t need to have banners and ads yourself. It is fine if you do, but in case you do not have banners yet, I can make them for you as it is something I have been doing for a long time.